Bowl of Shame


This is where I show you a few pictures of items I’ve pulled out of toilets. It’s amazing how many different things got dropped in toilets hopefully never to be seen again, but unfortunately, I sometimes need to be called and you will see them again.

I’ve pulled everything from kids toys to silverware out of toilets. Unfortunately, I’ve only started taking pictures of these things in the last couple of years but I will keep adding more as they appear!

Here are some interesting items I’ve pulled out that made it to the BOWL OF SHAME!


Who knows what they were looking for but, yes, I pulled a flashlight out of a toilet!


This fish is called a Hippo Tang. He was a casualty of Hurricane Sandy. I guess people think if a fish dies and they flush it, if it comes back to life, at least it will be in water! All I know is if I see it – it goes in the garbage!


Oh, and the inevitable pen….(many many pens…)


This Koi fish is another example of a fish way too big to be flushed! A cat was watching me the whole time I was working on getting this out – I’m sure he must’ve seen it go in….

I pulled this set of keys out of a toilet in a fitness center. It’s amazing how something this heavy can be pushed into a toilet after being dropped…..

Look at the size of this thing!!! This must have been shoved into the toilet! I’m sure this nerf toy was never tossed again…..

And yes, even Superman can get caught in the toilet. I was told he could fly when he was new…not much of a swimmer though….

And even the toothpaste makes it to the bowl!

This was a definite LOL situation!! Imagine pulling a teenage mutant ninja turtle out of a toilet! I’m told they live in the sewer… I guess it makes sense….

And under the “Never, Ever, Ever do this at home category” – This is a picture of four 8ft 5/8in thick pieces of rebar. These four sections were attached end to end with a wire and shoved down a sewer cleanout in a basement. It’s a miracle I was able to get them all out. Amazing!

Believe it or not, this is an assortment of items found at the bottem of an injector pump. It’s no wonder the pump went bad!

This odd looking thing is a cartridge from a scent dispenser that was hanging high on a wall in a commercial bathroom. Someone had to have stood on something to reach the dispenser, remove the cartridge, then flush it down the toilet…thats determination!

A cute spongy sea horse from a tub drain