Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Have a slow or clogged drain at home or at work?  Well you’ve come to the right site!

A Royal Flush is a sewer and drain cleaning business serving Morris & Sussex Counties since 2005. Having been in the drain cleaning business for about 20 years now, you can be assured we have the experience needed to solve your drainage problems quickly and professionally.

We provide snaking, locating, camera work and jetting from tubs and sinks to sewers and septic lines and all at a price lower than most of our competitors. With a 5 star rating from HomeAdvisor and a A rating from Angie’s List, A Royal Flush goes out of our way to make an unpleasant drainage experience go away fast, with no mess and less money out of your pocket.

When you call you will speak with me, Glenn Cummings, owner. All calls go to my cell phone, no secretary or answering service.

Call A Royal Flush today at 973-229-8716 for professional service that restores your comfort by clearing your drain clogs. FREE phone estimates are available.


sewer-cleaning2Having a drainage backup can be a very aggravating and upsetting ordeal. My goal is to solve your problem quickly and professionally at an affordable price. I want to leave my customer smiling.





sewer-cleaning1If you have reoccuring problems with your sewer or septic line, we can use our camera to see and locate what is wrong. This is also good for home inspections to remove all concerns of having to do costly repairs in the future.

A DVD can be made for viewing – make a tub of popcorn!!



drain-cleaning1Kitchen sinks, tubs and washer lines are the most common problems. In tubs, the snake removes the hair from the drain, not clear a little hole through the clog like drain cleaning products do. With the capability to snake 50ft from a kitchen sink, we can clear out the grease quickly and effectively with very few recalls.







sewer-transmitterYou can’t get your septic tank pumped if you don’t know exactly where it is. Using a transmitter & locator we can find that tank for you. This is also good for tracing leader drains underground.







toilet-clogWe all have had a time or another where the old plunger just won’t to the trick and who wants so spend a lot of money to clear a toilet? We will give you back your Royal Flush for under $100.00.Please be sure to visit the BOWL OF SHAME to see some of the interesting items I’ve pulled out of toilets!